What is a Domain Name?

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So you've decided to take the plunge and build a website? Great choice! You've heard it many times before, the best place to start when starting a new website is choosing a great domain name. What is a domain name anyways?

In short a domain name identifies where a website resides on the world wide Internet.

Your Website's Home

The domain name is the part you type into your browser to get to different websites. This pretty name is just for us mere humans though. Your browser actually looks up the domain name on a domain name server (DNS) to get the IP address of the server. The IP address is like a street address for your server.

This is where your website lives on the Internet. The domain name is more like a common name for your website. For example rather than giving a cab driver your exact address, you tell him you live at the Johnston Apartments.

Now your cab driver may not know where the Johnston Apartments are. He does however know someone who might know. This is the role of the DNS. If this first DNS doesn't know either it then has a list of other DNS servers it can ask, and so on.

After just a moment your browser learns of the IP address of the server. It is now able to connect to the server and begin loading a web page or some other juicy content.

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The Parts of a Domain

Domain names actually consist of a couple of different parts. The top level domain (TLD) indicates the 'root' domain name servers to contact for information about a specific domain.

For example in vonkai.com the vonkai domain resides under the .COM TLD.

Common top level domains include .COM, .ORG, .NET but the list of TLDs is constantly growing.

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